Cheledonian Terrains2

Cheledonian Vegetation Set #1: $6.00 Incl Tax

Cheledonian Vegetation


11 fully pose-able groups of plants to fill out your fantasy landscapes.

Included are; a Single Grass Clump, a Single Fern, a Single Palm-tree, a Small Grass Cluster, Large Grass Cluster, a Large Fern Cluster, a Grass and Ferns Cluster, 3 groups of Palm-trees from Small to Large, and a Palm-trees with Ferns and Grass Cluster.

The Grass and Ferns Cluster, and the Palm-trees with Ferns and Grass Cluster, are set up so that the entire group can be moved, and the grass and ferns can also be re-positioned and rotated within each group.



Daz Studio 2.3 or Higher
Poser 6 or Higher

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