Dalagorian Golem-Centurion Armour

Dalagorian Golem-Centurion Armour for Kristin: Coming Soon!

 Golem-Centurion Armour for Kristin


The Golem-Armour is semi-conforming meaning that main limb/body parts conform to the main AG Kristin Figure, but other parts such as the suit feet, main large arms, head, and pilot access plates need to be posed manually.

This set is 1 conforming suit of Golem-Armour for Anime Girl Kristin and includes 1 new Golem weapon, the Centurion Spear!.

An add-on set designed to work with all Dalagorian versions of the Golem-Armour is available separately. This add-on set includes a basic Sheild, Sword, Dagger, and Packs and Pouches to fit the Golem-Armour to represent typical gear carried by a Centurion on Campaign.


Anime Girl Kristin from the Barracks


Daz Studio 2.3 or Higher
Poser 6 or Higher

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