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Welcome to Schell's Armour Works, proud sponsor of the July "Invasion" and October "31 Days of Hell" Contests at Dreamslayer Artworks! Click the banner above to join the fun on DSA and have a chance to win some amazing prizes! Thank-you everyone for your ongoing support of our works... Enjoy and Happy Rendering!

* New Items and Product Updates in the Bubblegum Burst area of the Barracks!

Customers Please Note:  After purchase, please click the link to return to my site on your payment confirmation page to complete your purchase and begin your download. This link calls up the download windows so you can receive your products... if you have any issues with your download please contact me and I will make every effort to ensure that it is resolved promptly... Your satisfaction is my highest priority!

*Please note that if you make bulk purchases using the PayPal Shopping Cart, you may not receive all of your download links properly (This is not an error on my end but rather an issue with the way PayPal buttons handle the download links). If this happens, please email me with Proof of Purchase and I will send out links for you to receive your items as soon as I possibly can! Individual purchases are not affected by this issue, only bulk purchases.*

Below you'll find descriptions of the various areas of our site along with quick links to reach them easily (Or you may use the quick-links in the Navigation Bar above. ). To make it easier for you to find specific types of products, we've broken each area of the site into specific product categories (Drop down menus are available to allow you to quickly reach specific types of product). Feel free to visit the various areas of our site and we hope that you will enjoy our products!

All our items are thoroughly tested in Daz Studio and Poser and are fully functional in these programs. They will also function in Cararra (though some features of our products may not be available, such as extended ERC Dials), and in other programs that can use or import Obj format files, how-ever, no guarantee is made that our products will function properly or fully in any other programs than  Daz Studio or Poser. 

For instructions on how to install and use our products with Daz Studio, please view our tutorial here at Dreamslayer Artworks.

All promotional images used on this site were rendered in Daz Studio and have used no special Shader Sets, Light Sets, or Post-work of any kind. They have been rendered using settings in Daz Studio's Default Surface Settings Tab and Basic Lights only . Users may find that some surfaces may need to be manually adjusted to achieve specific effects in rendering. Daz Studio handles surfaces differently than Poser and users will need to adjust some surfaces to suit their specific image requirements and personal tastes (And to compensate for the differences between these two programs). Where possible, Product Read-me files include notes on adjustments and instructions for best use.

Please make sure you read the Product Readme Files before emailing me with questions regarding the use of our products. These readme files contain notes for best use and other tips for the use of our items and are provided so that you can make the fullest use of our products. If you cannot find an answer to your question in the readme file, feel free to contact me for additional help or information. Also, please review our site Terms of Use, EULA and Refund Policy before making purchases, it is your responsibility to read and understand these terms before purchasing our products.

All products also include texture templates so that users can freely create their own textures for our products. We here at Schell's Armour Works believe in providing as much functionality, and use-ability, as possible for our customers and we take pride in providing the best quality we possibly can!

Welcome to Schell's Armour Works... Enjoy and Happy Rendering!
The Armouries Home to my "Legends of Cheledonia" collection of Fantasy Poser and Daz models for Kristin and Hiro 3. These models are based on my very own sketches and creations, made for an RPG that I've been writing and play testing for a number of years!
The Proving Grounds The Market for all of my Military Historical Items and Extras, as well as my line of Alternate History Products. Here you will find everything the Military and History Enthusiast needs for that perfect historical render!
The SkunkWorks Home to my ever expanding line of Sci-Fi Mecha and Vehicles, plus Scene Props and much, much more! Brought to you by Schell Heavy Industries...

The Barracks Home to our new Anime Girl Kristin and her Cyborg Partner Pinnochia, stand-alone anime styled figures for Poser and Daz, as well as our custom Anime Boy Hiro Character Set for DAZ3D's Hiro 3. Here you'll find the main Freebie Figures and all of their accessories!

The Honour Wall Email us to submit your renders for display in our new User Render Galleries!

The R&D Department (NEW) is now opened! Here you'll find links our various tutorials, hints, and tips for Daz Studio users. There are also links to be found here for other great Daz and Poser websites!
Terms of Use and Contact: Feel free to contact us to give feedback on models, submit requests, or to provide information on problems and concerns. Also see our Site EULA and Refund Policy in this area, It is your responsibility to read and understand these terms of use before making purchases on our site. A copy of this Site EULA is also included, along with product read-me files in each product.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site and that you find my models both useful and enjoyable... Happy rendering!

Note: All of my older freebie items are hosted on Sharecg and a site membership is required to download them. Site membership is free for sharecg and will not cost the user anything but the time needed to sign up! As well as gaining access to my freestuff, a membership will give you access to a huge and ever growing reasource of 3d models and odds and ends which can be a great bennefit to the 3d modeller or artist... (I am not responsible for any content on sharecg other than my own freebies)... Find them here!

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