Anime Girl Kristin

Anime Girl Kristin for Daz Studio and Poser: $0.00 Incl Tax

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What you may do with this figure;

Develop Free or For Sale (Commercial) content (clothing, accessories, alternate textures, morph packs, character packs, pose sets, hair, etc). A blank developers figure (un-textured and stripped of morphs) is provided as well as the full figure with all her morphs in the base download.

Make and Redistribute alternate CR2's provided that it is encoded in such a way that the original figure is required to use any new work that you create and that full credit is given to me for the original work upon which your work is derived. Only the Cr2 may be redistributed, not any other part of the original figure or any part of the original files. This original readme file must be included with your work.

What you may NOT do with this figure;

You cannot under any circumstances redistribute or repackage the figure or included files (with the exception of the CR2 as noted above).  This includes the Mesh, Textures, Templates or any other files included in the original download.

You may not upload or share the original files on any site, paid or free, in any way shape or form (link's to my site and the figure are acceptable and encouraged provided that the link leads to the download page, "The Barracks", and does not point to the download itself).

All other terms and conditions of my Standard Site/Product EULA apply to this figure with the exceptions noted above regarding the CR2... please read my EULA in the "Terms of Use and Contact" area of my site (a copy of the standard EULA is also included in this download).

Anime Girl Kristin

Fully rigged and pose-able, including fully rigged Jaw, Tongue, Eyebrows, and Eyelids allowing for a large range of motion and facial expressions. Extra joints have been built into this figure to allow for a greater range of motion and for more realistic bending of body parts and limbs.

6 Body Shaping Morphs, 2 Limb Shaping Morphs, 9 Head Shaping Morphs, 2 Eye Morphs, 9 Facial Expression Morphs.

30 Blank Morph Channels for Custom Morph Injection in all bone locations.

4 Alternate Skin textures with easy Pz2 Mat Poses for application.

Alternate Skin Mat poses optimized for Toon and Realistic style Renders.

Alternate Toon-style Skins for use in Daz Studio Cartoon Render style with easy Pz2 Mat Poses for application.

14 Alternate Eye textures with Pz2 Mat Poses for application.

2 Custom Characters Poses with Custom Skin Textures and applied Character Morphs with Pz2 Poses for quick use.

2 Conforming Hair Styles with 2 Alternate Textures each.

6 Alternate Toon-style Hair Mat Poses in Pz2 format.

9 Alternate Finger and Toenail Textures, with Mat Pz2 Poses for ease of use!

*Updated with New Eye Textures, Improved Transparency Maps for Eye Lashes and Eye Brows, Improved Textures with more detail, and to include new Bump Maps that can be applied separately as needed!



Daz Studio 2.3 or Higher
Poser 6 or Higher

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