Cheledonian Golem-Warder Armour

Cheledonian Golem-Warder Armour for Hiro: $6.00 Incl Tax

 Golem-Warder Armour for Hiro


The Golem-Armour is semi-conforming meaning that main limb/body parts conform to the main Hiro 3 Figure, but other parts such as the suit feet, main large arms, head, and pilot access plates need to be posed manually.

This set is 1 conforming suit of Golem-Armour for Hiro 3.

An add-on set designed to work with all Cheledonian versions of the Golem-Armour is available separately. This add-on set includes a basic Sheild, Sword, Dagger, and Packs and Pouches to fit the Golem-Armour to represent typical gear carried by a Warder on Campaign.


Hiro 3 from DAZ3D


Daz Studio 2.3 or Higher
Poser 6 or Higher

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