Dalagorian Weapons Expansion

Dalagorian Golem Weapons Expansion Set #1: $2.50 Incl Tax

Dalagorian Weapons Expansion #1


7 new weapons for use with all Dalagorian Golem-Armours. Weapons include: 1 new Shield, Long Spear, Crossbow, Loaded Crossbow, Crossbow Quiver, Poignard, and Mace. These weapons will smart parent to all versions of the Dalagorian Golem-Armour.


Golem-Legionnaire Armour from the Armourer
Golem-Centurion Armour from the Armourer


Golem-Vindictus Armour from the Armourer


Daz Studio 2.3 or Higher
Poser 6 or Higher

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For use with: Dalagorian Golem-Legionnaire, Golem-Centurion, and Golem-Vindictus Armours from the Armourer>>>
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