Direwolf MLMBT

DireWolf MLMBT (Mag-Lev Main Battle Tank) for Daz Studio and Poser: $15.00 Incl Tax

DireWolf Mag-Lev Main Battle Tank


*Detailed and fully functional weapons systems including a 200mm Hull-mounted Cannon, Turret 120mm Gun, Co-axial Gatling Cannon and Anti-personnel Laser, Phalanx Anti-missile System, Rocket pod, and Anti-tank Missiles!

* Detailed interior and internal components, including functional maintenance and crew access hatches, crew controls, and complete with a fully functional munitions storage locker for the main hull-mounted gun!

*Troop Compartments with functional external access panels and seating for 8 fully equipped Infantry, plus 3 main crew positions in the forward hull for Crew Commander, Driver, and Weapons Operator complete with functional controls!

*Loads with default grungy "working" textures, and includes a set of alternate "clean" textures in Pz2 format to show a newly produced vehicle instead of a combat duty version!

*Crew Poses for the 3 main crew positions, plus poses for the Infantry troop compartments for use with Vicky 4 and Mike 4!

*Numerous ERC dials to control vehicle movement, weapons and access hatches all from one easy to use location. The ERC controls for vehicle and weapons function are tied to the controls in the crew compartment for realistic function of all operational parts!




Daz Studio 2.3 or Higher
Poser 6 or Higher

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