Rogue Powered Armour

Rogue Powered Armour for Kristin: $6.00 Incl Tax

Rogue Powered Armour for Kristin


A complete semi-conforming Rogue Armour Suit, Rogue Unit 2501 Pilot Uniform, Pilot VR Visor, Armour Mag-Lev Flight Pack, Powered Suit Weapon and Pilot Personal Weapon.

The Rogue Powered Suit is semi-conforming meaning that main limb/body parts conform to the main AG Kristin Figure, but other parts such as the suit feet, main large arms, head, and pilot access plates need to be posed manually. All other items in this set are either fully conforming, or smart-parented to the main figure.

Optional product add-ons include a Pilot and Armour Pose set and alternate textures sets with Pz2 Mat Poses for ease of use!


Anime Girl Kristin from the Barracks


Daz Studio 2.3 or Higher
Poser 6 or Higher

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Free Product Add-on: Pilot and Armour Poses for Kristin from the Catwalk>>>
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