UNS Coral Sea Squadrons

UNS Coral Sea Squadrons for VGF-14 and UAV-18: $0.00 Incl Tax

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UNS Coral Sea Squadrons Set


This set of textures is designed to provide squadrons serving in the Fighter and Marine Corps Air-Wing aboard my UNS Coral Sea Figure (sold separately). Combined with the UN JSOC Squadrons Texture Set, this collection of alternate textures will allow you to build a full Fighter Air-Wing to compliment the UNS Coral Sea figure.

This textures set comes in Pz2 format mat poses for ease of application. They can be found in your Poses library in "Chris's Mechs > UNS Coral Sea Squadrons" in the following folders...

VGF-14 Wildcat:

    VGF-14 VF-111 Sundowners Squadron Mats (restores the default textures)
    VGF-14 VF-221 Death Angels Squadron Mats

*Includes custom alternate textures for each variant of the VGF-14 Wildcat plus the Pilot, and LEO Booster add-on Set! Any of these textures may be applied to any version of the VGF-14 fighter.

UAV-18 Spectre Drone:

    UAV-18 VMFA-333 Shamrocks Squadron Mats (Restores the default textures

The read-me included with this set provides a suggested Table of Organization for the UNS Coral Sea Air-Wing!

VGF-14 Wildcat and Add-ons in the Skunkworks

UAV-18 Spectre Drone from the Skunkworks


Daz Studio 2.3 or Higher
Poser 6 or Higher

View Readme File >>>

For use with: VGF-14 and UAV-18 in the UN Fleet >>>
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